Preserve Family Treasures with Aspen Furniture

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2015-05-21 10:00:58
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Keep those treasures in storage chestsBeautiful blankets and quilts deserve equally beautiful storage that preserves their appearance over time. Whether it’s a hand-knit afghan that’s been passed down for generations or a treasured quilt from Grandma, you need a storage chest like the Elk Summit Aspen Log Cedar-Lined Chest to keep your precious family treasures safe. This eye-catching log furniture piece is built entirely by hand from aspen boards and logs, creating a rugged frame that’s just right for holding all of your best linens. An aromatic red cedar lining makes the Elk Summit Aspen Log Cedar-Lined Chest special. Cedar not only smells lovely but also provides protection against damage from fabric-loving pests such as moths. Cedar helps to control moisture so that mold and mildew don’t develop in the fibers of your blankets, an important consideration if you live in an area that experiences high humidity. The deep red color of the wood complements the lighter aspen on the outside of the Elk Summit chest, which gives you something beautiful to look at every time you open the top. When closed, this chest is the picture of simple country decor. Smooth aspen boards stretch around every side, and hand-peeled aspen log accents appear at each corner. These logs function as sturdy legs to keep the chest off the ground and support the weight of whatever is stored inside. By hand-peeling the logs instead of sanding them, the builders of the chest preserve the natural swirls, knots, bumps and other characteristics that develop during the life of an aspen tree. The result is a distinctive design that can also be seen in the log edging around the solid wood lid. Of course, in order for the Aspen Log Cedar-Lined Chest to keep your blankets and quilts safe, the wood itself should have some added protection. Aspen is sturdy enough on its own, but choosing a clear catalyzed lacquer finish enhances this natural strength. A honey-colored glaze is also available and gives this aspen furniture a darker tint for a bold and beautiful finish.
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