Reasons for Getting the Rust Valley Red Cedar Log Cabin Table Lamp

Red Cedar Log Cabin Lamp
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Reasons for Getting the Rust Valley Red Cedar Log Cabin Table Lamp

Wood is well-known for its usefulness in building rustic home furnishings. The high quality of the material, along with its aromatic aspect, makes it a valued item. It also repels insects and is extremely durable. Naturally, you can use it for various internal and external furniture making.

But what about appliances, like a table lamp? That’s right. You can use one of the oldest materials to make highly decorative and long-lasting lamps. Moreover, these rustic log lamps bestow a rustic feel to your interior as you enjoy reading your favorite book.

The Rust Valley Red Cedar Log Cabin Table Lamp is an excellent choice as bedroom furniture. You can also place it on the dining table or patio.

This table lamp, made from red cedar, is an awesome addition to your existing interior. It also comes with many benefits.


The exotic red cedar was first discovered at Roanoke Island, Virginia, in the year 1564 by the early colonists. The bright red hue of the cedar fascinated the onlookers due to its rarity.

Soon, the eastern red cedar became a prized possession as it was used in construction work. The straight grain and the color of the material looked exotic. Also, the high impermeability to liquids and greater flexibility ensured wider application.

This material was also helpful for building decks, fences, and even gazebos. Other than that, it was used to build great-looking outdoor furniture.

Vintage Log Furniture

Sure, the Rust Valley red cedar log cabin table lamp has a sturdy construction. But it is also an eye-catching piece. The red hues of the cedar shine brightly and look absolutely beautiful. It will adorn your bedroom.

Besides being the perfect bedroom furniture, it can also bring a unique element to your living room, dining room, coffee table, etc. This quality appliance is not only suitable for a cabin, but it can also give your home a rustic look.

Due to its compact size, you can place it anywhere, even if you do not have ample tabletop space.

The clear finish of the log furniture lamp looks stunning, and your guests would love this art piece. You can even place it on the coffee table when entertaining guests.

Highly Durable Furniture

Although the material is not as strong as the western red cedar woods, it can still make the lamp last a lifetime.

The log furniture is resistant to extreme weather conditions, such as heat, cold, or drought. Red cedar is also resistant to high-wind situations. This is because juniper trees can be born on any soil, like dry rocks or wet and swampy lands. 

You can even place the soil-resistant tree near your roads and driveways.

The heartwood also has a high timber value because of its insect repelling properties. It also makes the material resistant to termite attacks. 

If you're interested in this exotic rustic lamp, you can have it at your doorstep without having to wait too long.

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