Space for the Whole Family

Space for the Whole Family
2021-10-02 15:59:24
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The dream of having a big family rustic dining table, where everybody gathers to break bread and share time is fantastic, but in reality, seating often falls a little flat. Whether that’s because chairs are an afterthought or nobody remembered how many people would be coming over at Christmas, it’s an element that appears to be hard to get right. Until now! Our Aspen Highlands Rustic Double Stump Footrest Dining Bench is the answer to every dining room woe. Don’t believe us? Let’s talk a little more about it and find out why we can claim that! First of all, it looks incredible. Regardless of the style of your home, this rustic log bench will fit right in and make a statement. A fabulous organic contrast to contemporary surroundings or a complementary rustic piece within a cabin-style property, it’s hard to ignore the stoic good looks of Aspen wood. With two stumps acting as the bench legs, you can be guaranteed a level seat and don’t you just love the way they make the bench look as if it has grown out of the ground? A clear finish is all this piece needs, as Aspen is so aesthetically pleasing, why would you want to cover up any of the grain? Now, to the size. Here’s where this bench really steps up and caters to everyone’s needs. You think we don’t make a version of this that will fit in your home? Maybe you need something supersized instead? Well, we offer this bench in six standard sizes. Yes, SIX. And that’s just what we consider to be regular options. If you need something entirely bespoke, that’s no problem. In fact, it’s a challenge that we always relish. You’ll get the exact same aesthetic that you’ve fallen in love with, complete with footrest detailing, just within dimensions that are perfect for your property. About that footrest. Isn’t it a great idea? We don’t think enough log dining benches have them, but once you experience the benefit, you’ll never want to go back. Great for taking some pressure off your sit bones during a long meal, the footrest also helps smaller diners sit comfortably. And it’s not simply stuck on and forgotten about either. Securely mounted to your bench, you can trust the strength thanks to the full year’s warranty that comes with this piece, as standard. The thing we can’t supply is the food and all the good times you’re sure to have around your dining table. But we think you’ve probably got that covered, right?
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