Stuck in the Suburbs? Decorate Your Home to Get the Log Cabin Feel

2018-11-02 11:32:30
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Bringing Log Cabin Décor Into Your Home This Season

Are you stuck in the suburbs, but your soul cries to live in a log cabin? Why not bring in decorative accents to help make your existing home feel as comfortable and cozy as a cabin? At least until you can make the move into the home of your dreams, that is. There are several ways to spruce up your home’s interior, in order to make it more rustic and charming. Of course, nothing is like living in the real thing, but with some creativity, you can create a living space that can get you as close as possible. Here are some tips to help give your home that log cabin feel. Flooring Your choice in flooring immediately sets the tone for the home. So, you might want to replace your carpet or linoleum flooring with natural hardwood, because that’s what you would find in a well-built log cabin. If your budget doesn’t have room for real hardwood, then you can choose a more affordable wood laminate product that looks and even feels like wood. Furniture Log cabin furniture is rugged looking because it is built using wood and other natural materials. Unfinished wood pieces are especially common in cabins, and the color scheme of your fabrics and textiles should be natural tones. From your kitchen table to your bedframes, you can add a more rustic appeal to your home by replacing your modern furniture with pieces that evoke the beauty, simplicity, and ruggedness of the great outdoors. Ceilings and Walls A traditional log cabin’s walls and ceilings prominently feature logs, so that exact feel will be impossible to reproduce in a standard home. But, you can cover these surfaces with other types of wood to enjoy a similar effect. There are paneling manufacturers who fabricate their paneling with rounded and textured surfaces, so they mimic the look and feel of logs. Or, you can use tongue-and-groove flat wood paneling. Faux log beams are also available if you really want to go the extra mile. Fireplace If your home has a standard fireplace with a brick hearth, you can cover the surface with faux stone panels to create a fireplace that would look more home in a log cabin. Finish it off with a reclaimed wood mantel. This is an affordable and easy way to bring in that rustic look you’re craving. Accessories This is where you can really bring your vision into fruition. Using things like wood or metal lighting fixtures, decorative switch plates, natural wood shelving, rustic throw rugs and artwork, and other accessories will finish off your interior design project perfectly. The devil is in the details, and you have a world of creative options open to you for every room in the home. Taxidermy Taxidermy and log cabins go together like peanut butter and jelly. From the deer head mounted on the wall to the bear rug on the floor, taxidermy art lends that “hunter’s cabin” feel to the home. If you’re not into this type of thing that’s perfectly okay, but for those wanting an authentic cabin feel, you’ll want at least some type of animal or bird hanging out in your living room. Log Furniture Place has everything you need to outfit your home to look and feel like a real log cabin. We have rustic furniture and natural decorative solutions for every room in the home. Our selection, prices, and service are why we’re the number one online retailer for natural wood furniture and accents. Shop online for the pieces you need to transform your home into a log cabin today, regardless of where you live.
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