The Beauty of a Modern Live edge Bed for Any space

Modern Live Edge Walnut Slab Bed
2022-05-02 16:00:00 13 view(s)

The Beauty of a Modern Live edge Bed for Any space

A modern live edge bed is perfect for those who want a rustic bed that really brings a natural tone to the room.  It is a simple wood slab bed that truly accentuates any bedroom space, especially master bedrooms.

Why Live Edge?

Live edge is a new design that truly brings a new face to the simplicity of a wooden bed. It’s made of a solid frame made of hardwood. What’s different are the two black walnut slabs that are suspended by the forged metal hardware. This modern rustic bed fits into practically every space that’s there, including a master bedroom, or even a guest room!  If the the space can accommodate its queen and king sizes that is!

The Beauty of Wooden Slab Beds

A wooden slab bed is stained to create a contrast between the live edge slabs and the frame itself!  Furthermore, it fits into practically every transitional designs for bed and is linear. It’s simple; however, it fits into practically any location, and the edges are still natural. This modern rustic bed design combines both the traditional tones of a wooden bed, combined with the modern touch of its thin, elegant features. A modern slab bed also will stand the test of time! In addition, you don’t have to worry about it going out of style either. A modern slab bed might seem thin and simplistic, but it can complement any room that needs a bit of a wooden touch to it. It’s elegant and effective, and with a slab bed, it’s perfect for any bedroom, and offers you the perfect chance to have a natural wood piece sourced from eco-friendly forests! One that will really bring a beautiful touch to any home.

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