The Best Fabrics for Accessorizing Rustic Furniture

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The Best Fabrics for Accessorizing Rustic Furniture

The great thing about natural rustic furniture is that it’s so easy to complement with other materials and textures, especially when you’re looking to capture a rustic or cozy aesthetic. While the final colors and patterns you choose will come down to personal taste, there are certain fabrics that are undeniably perfect for pairing with real wood, so let’s find out what they are!


Few things look as good next to natural wood as a soft and buttery leather. Whether it’s used as seat covers for rustic dining chairs or as decadent sofa cushions, there’s just something undeniably upmarket and elegant about a neutral tone hide. It ages similarly to wood as well in that a few wear and tear marks simply add to the rustic and well-loved vibe. Perfect!


Warm, snuggly and easy to color, wool is one of those fabrics that every household needs, especially in the form of heavy rugs and comforting throws etc. Admit it: you love the look of a stunning wool rug atop carefully stripped floorboards don’t you? Or how a perfectly-placed rustic throw looks amazing on the wooden arm of a chair?


Simple, unfussy and so tactile, linen is a fabric that was made to pair with rustic wood furniture. If you’re not a huge leather fan, we are willing to bet that you could be tempted by linen seat pad covers, with matching napkins or cloth placemats maybe? The look of unbleached linen on a large table top will never not make us think of thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Organic cotton

Here’s one for the trend-watchers amongst you! As the fashion industry continues to come under scrutiny for it’s staggeringly unethical approach to waste, talk of a circular economy has started swirling. What this means is that we are being encouraged to use less, wear longer and not buy products constructed from virgin fibers as these require harmful processing finishes. Organic cotton has become the poster child for ethical fabrics and as such, is being used for everything from tablecloths to bed linens and everything in between. Personally? We love organic cotton bedding that amplifies the beauty of a natural wood bed. But we might be biased.

Bonus mention: plaid

Not a fabric, but the king of patterns, plaid is a perfect partner for rustic wood anything. Naturally bringing the rustic and cabin retreat vibes, it’s a mix of Christmas, coziness and unapologetic woodland gorgeousness that brings out the warm tones of any variety of timber and makes for a snuggly haven. Have we missed out your favorite fabric for accessorizing wood? Get in touch to tell us!

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