The Modern Chic Platform Bed: What it Does Different

The Modern Chic Platform Bed: What it Does Different
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2022-05-02 16:00:00
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The Modern Chic platform Bed: What it Does Different

Looking for a dreamy, whimsical bed that fits perfectly into any home? This Modern Chic Platform Bed captures the magic of both a rustic bed, and also something simple and modern, in order to truly bring it to life.

Made from Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is slowly growing in popularity, since it’s more eco-friendly than cutting down new trees for wood products. Furthermore, with this reclaimed wood bed, you get beautiful textures, and a reclaimed platform bed that’ll truly let you sink in to a world of your dreams.

Create Your Dream Space

Many places struggle with creating beautiful, whimsical spaces in their home! However, this wood platform bed manages to capture this. It comes with a simple platform made of Asian walnut wood, which gives it a beautiful natural pattern in the grain. It’s spectacular, even if your room is subtle and neutral, this bed is the perfect touch. It also comes without any stainless steel or ebony accents, instead creating an all-wood bed that truly gives it a rustic vibe that combines perfectly with modern living. This bed does come with or without drawers, so if you want to keep the room simple without too many drawers or furniture. You can utilize the drawers at the bottom for storage.

A Simple Platform to Sink in

The cool thing about this wood bed, is that instead of a bed frame that only holds the mattress, this comes with a wooden platform you can use to crawl into bed. Furthermore, this bed has a gorgeous Asian walnut wood headboard behind it, it offers a nice natural wooden tone to any room. This is a great bed for guest rooms, or perhaps a simple bedroom that needs something nice to really make it stand out. It goes well with neutral tones. Thanks to this reclaimed wood platform bed, you’re not only getting something simple and elegant, but something that complements many spaces.