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Thrifty Art

Whenever I go to hotels, the first thing that catches my eye would be the wide paintings in the lounge, lobby, or hallway area. Sometimes I wish I could have one of those at home and that would definitely do a major difference in both the look and the atmosphere of my house.

Having artwork at home cannot be understated in any way. It makes your home more than just a structure. It also defines the personality of the person living in it. That’s why most visitors would often look at the photos, of paintings hanged up on your wall; to get a little grasp of who you are.

But for me having rustic paintings at home is more for the purpose of inducing an appreciative feeling in me. That way I’d see and value my house beyond being just a shelter and more of a worthy property.  After all, I’ve spent for it.

However, we have to admit that paintings aren’t that affordable and neither it is easy to find ones with quality. But the solution is here because I’ve found a gallery of paintings you might just want to have a look at.

Here’s some advice for selecting the good ones though:

  1. Look for subjects that are your interest. Look for paintings you can connect with.
  2. Be sure to choose paintings with colors that compliment your home.
  3. Your painting should stand-out when hanged upon your wall and does not drown unnoticed.
  4. Pick sizes that would be appropriate to the space where you want to put it.
  5. As much as possible avoid replicas and paintings that have resemblance to others.
  6. Do not choose paintings that look as though they are pictures that you see on wall papers or desktops or magazine.
  7. Be sure about the material used in the painting. The paintings that are often appreciated are those done in canvass with oil.
  8. I go for paintings that are more local or paintings of painters that are not popular but definitely have quality. A painting which lets you feel the passion of the artist when he was making the artwork.
  9. Make sure that your choice can be covered by your budget.

Looking for paintings is an awesome experience. It is spiritually uplifting, intellectually stimulating, emotionally challenging and definitely something worth the time and effort. Log Furniture Place has an art gallery that can offer you great pieces of painting at an affordable price. They have categorized their collection of painting according to subject so it will be easy for you to know where to look than just randomly browse through everything. Goodluck!

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