Turning the romance up to 10

2021-09-14 17:57:26
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Is there anything more romantic than a four poster master rustic bed? Well, maybe. We set out to create the ultimate rustic bedroom centerpiece and think we may have accidentally set the standard for four posters to an all new high. Why? Because our Aspen Highlands Rustic Log Canopy Bed is out of this world! We aren’t in the habit of telling you how to furnish your cabin, cottage or main home, but honestly, you need this bed, for a multitude of reasons. Let’s understand them all, starting with the practicalities at hand. Starting with the Aspen used, you can’t deny that there’s a strong rustic vibe happening here. No perfect linear design here, just Mother Nature’s hard work used to make a unique and comfortable bed that exhibits strength and charm in equal measure. Aspen works well for furniture and accepts stains and paints beautifully too, though we think it’s stunning enough to only warrant a clear finish, which is what we supply here. Being a light wood, you can afford to go a little more daring with the actual stance and design of your master bed, as it won’t ever feel too imposing in a bedroom, which is why we added some extra flair! We could have simply created a four-poster and left it at that, but we wanted to give our artisans a chance to shine, which is why you’ll find turned spindle head and footboard detailing and that lovely canopy top. Drape some fabric over the apex for an amplified romance haven or simply leave bare, for a more woodsy feeling. Either way, the aesthetic won’t suffer. You want to know about sizing, don’t you? Canopy and four-poster beds can look as though they’d never fit in an average-sized bedroom, but that’s all just perspective. Don’t let the height here fool you, as we have a full range of four sizes to choose from, ranging from twin all the way to king. And as ever, if you have something very specific in mind, why not ask if we can accommodate? We supply our Highlands bed design with a full year’s warranty, as our gift to you, but you’ll have it for decades more, so don’t compromise. You don’t need to with us, as your dream is our daily work sheet. As well as a year’s warranty, we also give you free shipping. It’s the least we can do when you’re committing to a big purchase such as a brand new rustic bed. When you support domestic companies like ours, we want to thank you in return, with high quality, fair pricing and bonus perks that you might not expect, so free curbside shipping is yours to enjoy.  Whether you want to treat yourself to the best night’s sleep you’ve ever had or are keen to make your bedroom a whole lot more romantic, our Highlands canopy bed won’t disappoint, but be warned. With the right mattress, you might never want to get out of bed again, and we can’t take responsibility for any missed social events or work days!
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