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Unique Solid Wood Storage Items For the Home

Rustic Furniture Storage
2022-11-29 19:47:00 10 view(s)

Unique Solid Wood Storage Items For the Home

You might know that wood furniture can add a natural look to any room in your home. But did you know there are plenty of wood storage items you can add to your home?

You’ll find many appealing solid wood storage items you can use in your home today. Here are five great choices to find right now, with each supporting a full assortment of different items you can store. You can find these choices here at the Log Furniture Place.

  1. Filing Cabinet

Filing cabinets don’t always have to be made of metal. You can order a solid wood rustic filing cabinet to add a rustic look to your office.

A wood filing cabinet can include multiple compartments, each featuring a wooden handle that mixes in with the rest of the cabinet. Many of these cabinets don’t have metal features, while the ones that do will have their metal components concealed when the drawers are closed.

  1. Coat Rack

A coat rack is a perfect place for you to store your coats, jackets, hoodies, hats, jeans, or anything else you might wear. A wooden coat rack will include multiple pegs that screw into the main body.

A wooden coat rack can include a tree-like design with pegs that remind people of branches. These pegs can be spaced around the entire coat rack to help you secure many items at once. You can also stick with a more traditional bar-shaped rack if you prefer.

  1. Shutter Cabinet

A shutter cabinet is a wooden furniture piece with a shutter door covering a storage compartment. The inside can include multiple shelves for storing different items.

A shutter cabinet will add a rustic and classic look to any room. You can also get a shutter cabinet ready in many places, including on a wall above a counter or under a counter. Standalone cabinets can also work in a bedroom or another space where you require extra storage and flexibility.

  1. Armoire

An armoire is more massive and elaborate than a traditional dresser. An armoire can include openings in many sizes, including both pull-out drawers and doors that reveal cabinets with multiple shelves. The detailed design makes this a useful centerpiece to have in your bedroom. Rustic Barnwood Armories are available in many sizes, including in two-drawer and three-drawer models.

  1. Wine Cabinet

A wine cabinet is another storage space to find, but it doesn’t have to be all about wine. Many wine cabinets will include racks where you can store your wine. Others can have compartments where you can slide and hang wine glasses of varying sizes.

Many wine cabinets can also include doors and drawers to help you store other items. These include drinking glasses and accessories, various liquor products, and any other foods or kitchen items you want to secure. Our Glacier Country Wine Cabinet has a classy style with multiple racks for bottles and a small drawer at the top where you can store your items. Don’t forget to also make sure all your wine bottles are clean and don’t have stains before adding them to your wine cabinet.

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