What is the Use of Cracker Jack Racoon Mount?

Raccoon with Cracker Jacks Taxidermy
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What is the Use of Cracker Jack Racoon Mount?

If you have been planning to decorate your interiors for a while and are out of ideas, why not give taxidermy a try?

The idea of decorating the walls with hunted animal bodies and heads is not something new. But with time, more animal-friendly methods have come into play because who doesn’t want to smile seeing a friendly raccoon diving into some cracker jacks?

The Cracker Jack Raccoon Mount is one such option that you can go for. It is a perfect example of how modern taxidermy décors can mingle with your existing interior.

Raccoons are usually considered a pest for raiding gardens and plundering trash cans for leftover food and other rubbish left. They can be a menace to the regular households as they enter and damage your property.

But the raccoon mount can help bring nature and a smile into your house? Keep reading to find out how.

It is a Great Wall Art and Table Decor

There is no need for any advertising on how well the raccoon taxidermy mount can be as a centerpiece. You will not regret making the purchase. Every inch of the raccoon taxidermy mount is a work of art. It will be a unique choice if you want a craft that can adorn your tabletop.

You can even use the raccoon taxidermy mount as a wall decal in your apartment. If you miss the countryside, then this will help bring some of the rustic flavors inside. Since the raccoon taxidermy mount, made of wooden stock, is easily removable, it will not cause any damage to your wall or table.

A Playful Raccoon Taxidermy Mount

In this mount, the raccoon can be seen sitting with a box of Cracker Jack, enjoying the tasty snack. As the raccoon sits still, with its plush fur and claws intact, you can notice the curious look on its face. The detailing is so unique that you can even notice the dense underfur.

Apart from residential decoration, you can also use it for your business.

Good for Conversations

The top-quality workmanship of the Cracker Jack Raccoon Mount is a great conversation starter too. Made of the finest materials, it will always be a focus item in your dining or living room.

Your guests will not be able to take their eyes off the beautiful Raccoon. This still raccoon taxidermy mount shows the cute side of this rather troublesome creature. Its greedy paws diving into the Cracker Jacks is nonetheless hilarious.

You Get the Entire Animal

While it is common to find many instances of only parts of the animals in a taxidermy store, having it in its entirety is more realistic. The wooden stock mount depicts all the colors accurately. Even premier tanners are used for tanning and mounting the Raccoon with Cracker Jacks.

No Shipping Cost

The best part about getting this raccoon taxidermy mount is that the item ships free of cost to the contiguous 48 states. So you will not have to worry about paying any additional shipping fees.

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