Which Is the Best Choice For Finishing Rustic Wood Furniture – Stain, Paint, or Natural?

Rustic Furniture Finish Options
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Which Is the Best Choice For Finishing Rustic Wood Furniture – Stain, Paint, or Natural?

You can consider one of many finishes for your wood furniture. You can create a finish with a distinct weathered look or add an appealing color to your piece. You could also stick with a natural finish if you prefer. Here’s a comparison of these three options and how well they work. You will love how well these options work, but make sure when finding one that you know what you need for your furniture piece.


First, you can stain your rustic furniture. Staining involves enhancing the wood’s natural color, creating a more dynamic look while preserving the tone.

Staining adds a quality touch, plus it does not chip or peel. A stain can fade, but you can add a new stain coat as necessary.

Some stains can come with clear or semi-translucent designs. These stains will preserve the wood’s natural structure while adding a distinct shine of your choosing. You could also add a solid coat to create a darker tone or to accentuate an already dark look.

It is easy to apply a stain to your furniture. You can prepare the wood by sanding it and then applying a pre-stain conditioner over the piece. You can then add a stain coating to the furniture.

Stains are available in many forms for all your wood furniture needs. Our team at Woodland Creek Furniture offer stains in many hues, including a dark Vintage Whiskey style or a lighter Honey tone on our rustic dining chairs.


The next option for finishing contemporary rustic furniture is to paint it. You can paint your furniture in any color you wish.

The paint color you choose can add a distinct style that can blend with various things in your room. Be sure when planning your paint that you’re using something that fits your space.

You’ll need to apply a primer over your furniture first. A primer helps the paint go on consistently and smoothly throughout the body. You can then add one or two coats of paint to the furniture, applying it evenly and with enough care.


The third option for finishing rustic furniture is to use a natural finish. A natural finish involves preserving as natural a look to the wood as possible. This choice fits well for people looking for something a little more neutral in style.

Shellac is the most common material you can use for a natural finish. Shellac creates a clean barrier that prevents items from entering the wooden pores.

Oil finishes made with varnish materials can also work. These items can penetrate wood pores and create a nice shine while preserving the natural color.

Which Is Right For You?

All three options for a wood furniture finish are great, but the right one for you will vary on your preference. A stain will be ideal for most situations, but paint may work best if you’re trying to maintain a color scheme or layout in a room. A natural finish may also work if you want something a little more organic and pure in style. Whatever the case, you’ll find that a wood finish will look great in your home. Our team at Woodland Creek can help you find an appealing finish that fits your needs. You can even request a finish sample.

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