Why Choose the Football Racoon Trophy Mount?

Football Raccoon Taxidermy
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Why Choose the Football Racoon Trophy Mount?

When choosing the correct décor item for your home, things can get pretty confusing. Also, there is the problem of the décor piece losing its charm over time.

How often have you found a unique item for your interior that became a junk piece in a few years?

That is why it is always important to find an interesting piece that is timeless.

Taxidermy can be a solution to your décor dilemma. Now, there are divided opinions on this particular type of artwork. Despite many considering it cruel, it is one of the most unique and safest ways of including nature in your décor.  Especially when using ethically sourced hides.

That is why you can consider the Football raccoon trophy mount.

The top-quality workmanship can be a good conversation starter if you include it in your home décor. This Football raccoon trophy mount is a great item that comes with a life time guarantee of needing no food.

If you are wondering what is so special about the football-playing raccoon, here are its many benefits.

A Unique Take on Décor

The whimsical Football Raccoon Trophy is a quirky addition to any home décor. It is an incredible art piece that will flaunt your fun side. Also, the artists' skillful expertise assures that the artwork resembles a real animal.

When you mount such an item in your living room, you add whimsical taxidermy character to the décor. But what sets this trophy mount apart is its unique design.

Show Your Fun Side

The artist has imagined the raccoon's life as a professional football player! The actual mount displays the raccoon making a run with a football in hand. Other than the finest materials used for the animal mount, this will also create a lot of laughter among the guests.

Who would have imagined that raccoons were good at anything other than raiding gardens, trash cans, and other rubbish left? Any onlooker will have to appreciate the artist's imagination as the raccoons proudly carry the football.

A Chance to Flaunt Your Love for the Game

This is an excellent centerpiece for modern sports enthusiasts as the football raccoon shares their passion for the game.

Also, the wild game tanning and mounting are done for each animal differently, so you will never find two trophies that look alike. It creates a sense of exclusivity, making this décor item even more valuable.

Best Quality Leather Tan

Mother nature blessed the raccoon with many intelligent traits.

You do not have to worry about custom orders since each piece will automatically be unique. With online purchases, you can also track orders easily.

Once you add this item to your décor, it will continue to entertain your guests and make a fun conversation during dinner.

Other than the raccoon, you can also find many other animals material taxidermy on our site.  

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