Why Rustic Garden Furniture is a Fitting Outdoor Tribute

Why Rustic Garden Furniture is a Fitting Outdoor Tribute
2021-08-12 18:30:17
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Garden design is just as personal as interior decorating, with individual preferences playing a huge role and while some people love modern outdoor furniture, we can’t help but think that rustic designs in outdoor log furniture and rustic outdoor furniture look so good in the great outdoors. There’s a place for all styles of furniture, we firmly believe that, but when it comes to gardens, we just love the way that rustic garden furniture blends right in and connects with the wider space and we think it’s for the following reasons:

Wood comes from nature

Chief amongst our reasons for liking rustic outdoor furniture so much is that it feels like a return to the source. Wood comes from nature and to be placed back in the outdoors feels right and respectful. Metal and plastic alternatives can look attractive, but they don’t have the same symbiosis as wood and when it’s given a rustic treatment, it looks even more at home. Organic lines, unfussy finishes and respect for the materials lend themselves to a natural flow in a garden space.

Stains can be inspired by the flora and fauna

Rustic furniture looks fantastic with a stain, whether bold and colorful or traditional and with an entire garden to take inspiration from, your imagination can run wild. Just picture a stunning rustic loveseat, nestled in a flowerbed and stained a delicate lavender. Or how about a swing seat, colored to match the evergreens in your borders? Using existing greenery to inspire your color palette adds an extra layer of personalization.

Weathering will only add to the aesthetic

Nothing ages garden furniture quite like the elements. All it takes is a little harsh rain or a cold spell and suddenly, the luster is gone and things begin to look somewhat tatty. Unless you’ve chosen rustic furniture to start with! Every new mark, weathered section and bit of patina will simply amplify and complement the wider design, while also giving the impression that the piece has been in situ and beloved for years.

It’s timeless, not trendy

Of course, we are unabashedly biased when it comes to rustic and log furniture, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t fantastic. What we particularly love is that it has the ability to adapt to any and all new trends, but stick to a rustic aesthetic and what you have is timeless appeal. When you’ve labored in your garden, making it an outdoor space that you look forward to spending time in, the last thing you want to be doing is regularly replacing your furniture. You want to install and use, not worry about whether it looks dated and rustic pieces give you that freedom and peace of mind. They just look good. Always.  If you’ve been thinking about investing in some new garden furniture, don’t snooze on the potential that rustic designs offer.
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