Our Policies

At Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place, honesty is always considered the absolute best policy!

Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place is known for handcrafting the highest quality log cabin furniture and reclaimed wood furniture in North America. We stand behind the construction and craftsmanship of each piece of wood furniture we sell and pour our hearts and souls into finding you the finest in rustic, cabin and western decor.

In short, your trust means the world to us. That’s why – when our staff isn’t busy crafting rustic log furniture or packing up rustic decor items for your enjoyment – we’re busy drafting policies which promote fairness, transparency and honesty. Read on to learn more about the ones which impact you.

LogFurniturePlace Quality Guarantee

At LogFurniturePlace we pride ourselves on being your go-to manufacturer and e-tailer of U.S.A. made lodge furniture, cabin furniture and rustic decorating accessories. We serve homeowners, cabin dwellers, cottage lovers and lodge owners all across North America and like having you among them!

Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place specializes in rustic home décor with custom-made furniture and accessories. We carry several lines of furniture from specialized craftsmen from around the country.

Gently gliding, smooth-operating hardware is just as important to us as a hand-rubbed finishes…

We offer you everything from log furniture to reclaimed barnwood furniture and a wide range of rustic country decor items. But, what exactly does “rustic” mean? Quality rustic log or other furnishings and outdoor-inspired accessories should create a charming, cohesive look that’s rich in character and texture.

Cracks, beetle trails, knots and variations in wood color only enhance a rustic furniture look. Yet they should not compromise the strength of log home furniture bed frames, the integrity of cedar furniture dresser drawers or interfere with the way barnwood furniture or log vanity cabinet doors function.

Never-ending quality improvements.  We implement small changes periodically when we can find a better way to build something, these changes may not reflect in pictures or video, and will not change the overall look of the piece, but will improve the stability and strength.  Examples of this would be switching from log supports on some beds to dimensional lumber to ensure the box spring doesn't rock on the bed.  It may include changing full extension slides to another brand that is better, any change we do is done for the betterment of the product and to give you, our customer, the best rustic furniture possible.  As a courtesy if you purchase a bundled drop in sink package along with your vanity from us we will cut the holes for the sink and faucets.  Most companies will not do this for liability reasons and most plumbers will add $30-50 for the labor/service of cutting the holes out.  Due to the various placements a vessel sink can go we do not drill the holes for the vessel sinks and faucets.

Real Wood Furniture

Woodland Creek Manufacturing along with many of our other craftsmen use real wood for its cabinets and furniture, utilizing real logs and solid slabs of wood. The inherent character of wood includes cracks, twists and colors, traits that are sought by our builders and craftsman.

A homes atmosphere is a great contributor to how a piece will age. Moisture content in a home will allow wood to either contract or expand with time. Although our wood is kiln dried to minimize this movement. Cracks are not a defect – they can either be easily fixed, or enhanced depending on the client’s preference. With proper maintenance, your wood furniture will last a long time.

The Nature of Rustic Furniture

At Log Furniture Place, we strive to ensure that the expectations of all our customers are met.  Please keep in mind that when it comes to handcrafted, rustic furniture, no two pieces are ever identical.  Sure, we do our best to ensure some semblance of uniformity, but the product you receive may not be identical to the piece you saw online.

The natural materials used to build our pieces can play a role in no two looking exactly alike.  At times, a builder or manufacturer may slightly alter the design of a product, use different materials, or just try to improve the construction and usability of a product.  When this happens, the product you receive may not identically resemble the one you saw online, but our aim is to always create pieces that you found and fell in love with.  Our committment is to get your piece as close to the pictured piece as nature and our builders can get it.  Colors, shapes, finishes, lighting etc can vary on pieces.  A computer monitor/screen may skew a color slightly from what it looks like in person.

Barn Wood or Reclaimed Furniture

Barn Wood and reclaimed woods are full of blemishes, holes and various textures. It may also have nail holes, board cupping, old pegs, patches, cracks, saw marks, water marks, worm holes, bug holes, sunspots, and dents. These are not considered defects, it is the inherent character found, and sought, for this type of rustic furniture.  Also keep in mind that reclaimed barn wood has weathered outdoors naturally for 125+ years.  A barn located next to a coal mine will have darker wood than a barn out in a field of dasies.  As such the colors can vary slightly from the pictures posted online and of course lighting plays a big part also.

Lead Times All lead times are product dependent. The listed availability of each product is an estimation of that item's production completion only. Upon completion of production, each item undergoes a careful quality control check to ensure it is ready for your home. If an item fails this check, it is returned to the manufacturing or finishing process to be repaired or refinished, whereupon it will undergo another quality control check. Once an item has passed the quality control process, it is moved to our Crating and Shipping facilities, where it can take up to 15 business days before it is picked up by the shipping company and embarks for its final destination. Due to our commitment to quality and issues beyond our control, we cannot guarantee delivery dates of your items. 

  • Holiday sales may also extend time frames due to the extra demand.  
  • While we would love to control the weather, we unfortunately cannot.  So weather issues could delay orders as well. 
  • Liquid Glass will extend the time frames on most items by a week as the process is time consuming and very detailed to get the liquid glass rustic perfect (which is as perfect as possible on rustic wood).
  • Custom requests/custom orders can also add to the time frames.
  • Pandemic related closures or delays.

We do our best to meet or beat the time frames listed while ensuring you will receive a product that you will love for the rest of your life.

Backordered items are not subject to the listed lead time. If an item is out of stock and on backorder, you will be notified once in the Shopping Cart view and at Checkout. If you would like to ascertain the approximate lead time of the backordered item, we recommend doing so before completing the checkout process. Once the item has been ordered and paid for, it may be subject to any fees per our Cancellation policies.

With so few returns, we have to keep it simple – or we’d forget how to process them!

If natural cracks or knots happen to affect the structural integrity of the wood used to make the rustic country furniture you’ve purchased from us and it’s still under warranty, we’ll be happy to replace it. In the off chance you’ve received a product that appears to be defective, contact our Customer Service team.

However infrequently, there are also times when an item may not match your home or cabin decor as closely as you’d hoped. That’s when it’s time to ask a Customer Service professional to guide you through our simple return process. What’s that? Simple returns? Yes, you heard us correctly!

Dimensions listed are approximate dimensions.  Due to the natural and reclaimed materials used in the crafting of our rustic furniture the dimensions can vary slightly (up to an inch or two depending on the piece) from piece to piece.

Have questions about our Quality Guarantee? Call (866) 329-9060.

Payment Type & Sales Tax

PAYMENT: Your order will charge in-full at the time of check out.  This allows the system to encrypt the card data so it cannot be hacked/stolen and allows us to remain PCI compliant.  If you are purchasing furniture which is made to order, you may call in your order and request that we bill 50% upfront and 50% prior to shipment, otherwise the system will run your card in full automatically.  Bedding and decor items that are backordered will be run in full so that we can keep your order reserved and shipped as soon as it becomes available.  

For your convenience, we accept the following forms of payment:

  • Money Order
  • Personal Check
  • Certified Check
  • Debit/Credit Card
    • Visa
    • Discover
    • Master Card
    • American Express

SALES TAX: We are required – by the new law passed in 2018 – to charge Sales Tax at the current, local rate on all orders shipped to certain states.  

Have questions about Payments or Sales Tax? Call (866) 329-9060.


Quotes are valid for 30 days

Changing an Order Process

Did you place your order and then change your mind?  It happens to us all.  We are happy to make changes to your order for you within 48 hours of you receiving your order confirmation.  After 48 hours you can still make changes but there will be a 5% charge on the item being changed as we will have to void the order, pull the order from the shop, redo the order and then retake the order to the shop.  It’s a time consuming process.

Canceling an order is not changing an order, it's canceling an order. Please see our Order Cancellation Process below.

Rustic Furniture Storage

We can hold onto your rustic furniture or log furniture order

After placing an order, you will receive an order confirmation with an estimated due date.  If you need your delivery held longer than this estimated due date, please reach out to us. We are a family owned/operated furniture manufacturer.  While we may not have the room here at our facility to store orders, we do have a local insured storage facility that has given us special rates for storing orders.  We can pass these special rates on to you.   If you need your order held for longer than 2 weeks past your due date the following charges will apply:

  • Orders up to $2500 – they will be charged $75 per month
  • Orders $2501-$5000 – they will be charged $100 per month
  • Orders $5001-$10,000 – they will be charged $200 per month
  • Orders $10,001-$20,000 – they will be charged $350 per month
  • Orders $20,001-$30,000 – they will be charged $500 per month
  • Orders over $30k that need to be held – please contact us for rates

If you know you won't need your order for a few months, you can still place your order today.  We will assign your order a production date that will allow us to have it ready for your requested date. For example, it's April but you don't need the order delivered until September. Simply note this date on your order, and there will be no additional storage charges for the delivery in September.

Order Cancellation Process

If you need to cancel your order with LogFurniturePlace, please contact us as soon as possible…

We try to “expect” the unexpected. After all, unforeseen events occur. Things come up. If you need to cancel an order, we’ll do all we can to intervene on your behalf. The best way to help us help you under those circumstances is to contact us as soon as possible – and have your order # handy.

Prior to Manufacturing Being Started:
a 5% fee will be charged on the total invoice amount to cover cost associated with labor and merchant fee's.

Manufacturing Has Begun:
a 10% cancellation fee is charged, due to the waste of materials and labor costs.

Order Is Complete:
a 25% cancellation fee is charged

Order Is Complete and Shipped:
a 25% cancellation fee is charged, shipping charges are non-refundable and customer pays to have the items returned to us.  Cost of return shipping is deducted from the refund amount.

Order Is Complete and Received By Customer in Good Condition:
a 25% cancellation fee is charged, shipping charges are non-refundable and customer pays to have the items returned to us.  Cost of return shipping is deducted from the refund amount.

Customized orders cannot be canceled.

Have questions about Order Cancellations? Call (866) 329-9060.

No-Hassle Returns

If you want to return an item for reasons other than a suspected manufacturing defect, you can do so within (10) days of receipt of the item. We won’t give you a hassle, but we will ask that you give our Customer Service team a head’s up, your order # and a reason for the return – so we can speed up the process. Items returned within 10 days of receipt of goods and should arrive in the same condition as when it left the warehouse or vendor. Returned items must be unused and in the original packaging. Any rips, tears, stains or burns will be evaluated for repair and the value to return it to its original state will be deducted from any credit minus original shipping fees incurred by Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place.

Woodland Creek's Log Furniture place does not refund shipping and handling fees.  If the item you are returning qualified for our free shipping we will deduct the shipping and handling cost that Woodland Creek's Log Furniture Place paid originally for your item/s from your refund.  Any bedding must still be sealed/unopened/unused.  Health regulations do not allow us to accept opened bedding packages back.  Even if they are unused.

By following through with an online purchase at LogFurniturePlace, you accept responsibility for the accuracy of your order. That includes item #, product details (ex: color, size or wood type), amount billed, etc. Always check your receipt and notify us of any discrepancies within (24) hours or (1) business day.

Read on to learn more about other topics related to our (10) Day No-Hassle Return Policy, including:

  • Non-Returnable Items
  • Restocking Fees
  • Return Process

NON-RETURNABLE ITEMS – we CANNOT accept returns on any of the following items:

  • Opened or Used Rustic Bedding/Softgoods
  • Stained or damaged items
  • Clearance Furniture or Decor Items (Clearance items are sold as is and any warranty is not applicable)
  • Custom or Other Made-to-Order Furniture
  • Log or Rustic Furniture in Less Than NEW Condition
  • Items returned in non-original packaging or an equivalant packaging.
  • Items returned due to unexpected or out of our control shipping delays (like weather issues or other issues that could cause shipping delays)
  • Items Not Assigned a Return Merchandise Authorization or RMA #

* RMA #s are assigned by Woodland Creek's Customer Service team when you call to process returns


Do you know what a “Restocking Fee” is? When perfectly usable items are returned, time and money must be spent putting them back into stock. A restocking fee covers a portion of the costs associated with that task and helps reputable companies like Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place keep costs and prices low – for everyone.

Additionally, returned products can no longer be labeled or sold as if they were new. Their original packing materials might be missing. The boxes they originally came in might be damaged. We can’t, in good conscience, pass off opened or even gently used goods as if no one else had ever handled them.

Items may be returned within 10 business days of receipt of goods. Items must arrive back to Woodland Creek Furniture in the same condition as when they left us. The original packaging material will greatly assist in this endeavor.

A 25% return fee is charged for any order that is returned, other than orders that have a manufacturing defect, significant shipping damage, or the wrong item was shipped.  Shipping charges are non-refundable and customer will be responsible for covering return shipping cost. Cost of return shipping is deducted from refund amount.

Woodland Creek Furniture uses real wood for all its cabinets, furniture and mantels. Many pieces are constructed with real logs and solid slabs of wood. We prefer and seek out wood with cracks, twists and color.  This is the inherent character of wood and is not considered a defect. Natural wood will have knots and cracking. In some cases, such as a table top, we will fill the cracks with a clear resin unless otherwise requested.  Most other items are never filled as this will take away from the character that makes the furniture what it is.

Our reclaimed wood will have nail holes, board cupping, old pegs, patches, cracks, saw marks, water marks, worm holes, bug holes, sunspots, and dents. These attributes are not considered imperfections or defects.  We consider them character and believe they pay homage to the historical authenticity and original craftsmanship. Our reclaimed furniture, therefore, does not have to be artificially distressed providing an authentic look that will last for generations.

Metal used in our furniture may have weld marks or inherent imperfections that are not considered defects. These are natural occurrences from the handmade nature of the pieces.

Once the return arrives back to our warehouse, the items will be inspected.
Refunds will be issued within 10 business days of inspection.
Refunds will be issued by the same means as payment was tendered.
Clients with cancelled credit cards will receive their refund via corporate check.


At LogFurniturePlace we like to streamline the return process.  Below, we’ve outlined the recommended steps you should take when processing returns. We love handling the details for you, so try to be patient. Directly requesting a charge back from your bank or credit card company can delay your refund by (180) days.

Process Your Return in (5) Easy Steps...

  • 1) Contact Us – The first step in the return process is to call or e-mail our Customer Service team. At that time you will be assigned a dedicated RMA, or Return Merchandise Authorization, #. Without one, your return can and may be denied.
  • 2) Get Packing * – Carefully pack your return items back into the box in which they arrived along with their original packing materials. Suitable substitutes are new boxes, bubble wrap, etc. Sorry, but Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place cannot accept returned goods which become damaged as a result of poor packaging.
  • 3) Use Your RMA # – Clearly mark your return package and return label with your pre-assigned RMA #. We reserve the right to deny any return that is not marked with (or does not include) a unique, pre-assigned RMA #.
  • 4) Ship It Out – We’ll provide a return address along with your RMA #. Ship your return back to the return address provided via a carrier that provides a tracking # and delivery confirmation (with signature). Use shipping insurance to protect yourself in case items are damaged in transit. For faster processing, e-mail your tracking # to our Customer Service team.
  • 5) Get Credit – Once we’ve received your return item(s) and have verified that the contents of your package are accurate and have arrived unharmed, we will begin processing your credit.

* If return items are damaged in transit, we will contact you. We’ll then set your package aside for (30) days to give you time to file and process a claim with your shipper or carrier.

Have questions about our (10) Day No-Hassle Returns? Call (866) 329-9060.

Delivery, Damages & Defects

Products can sometimes get lost or become damaged in transit. In other, rare instances they may suffer from unavoidable defects. While we hope your experience with Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place is never “marred” by unpleasant circumstances, we have policies in place which help guarantee your satisfaction at every turn. Any shipping damage must be reported back to us within 5 days in order for us to file a damage claim. The signed shipping receipt must note DAMAGED. When you sign something as damaged we are able to file the claim with the shipping company and the shipping company will cover the costs of repair/replacement as well as the shipping. 

Read on to learn more about our policies regarding Delivery and Damages as they relate to:

  • UPS/FedEx Shipments
  • Motor Freight/LTL Shipments
  • …see our handy “Freight Shipment Checklist”, as well

UPS/FedEx Shipment:

You DO NOT need to refuse UPS or FedEx deliveries which are damaged in transit. Simply report the damage to our Customer Service team within (24) hours of receipt by e-mail or by calling (866) 329-9060. We’ll file a claim, on your behalf, within (7) days and quickly resolve the issue.

It is extremely important that you notify us of any damage right away to ensure that related exchanges, replacements or refunds are not delayed or denied. You should also e-mail us pictures of the damaged goods so that we can use them to process your claim and take quality control measures.

Motor Freight/LTL Shipments:

Any free shipping options do not include a lift gate, but most orders can be upgraded to one. Without a lift gate the carrier will arrive and place your order at the end of trailer. It will be up to you, our beloved customer, to lift it off. If a shipping quote is required our customer service staff will help you determine the method needed and provide the best possible options based on the information provided.

We work hard to find shipping companies that are easy to track, reliable, inexpensive, and careful of your new product.  Over the years, we’ve received excellent service from these hand picked Motor Freight and Light Truck Load (LTL) carriers. Because of that, we’re confident your delivery will arrive without incident. Still, we urge you to inspect all shipments for damage (big or small) BEFORE signing for or accepting any packages. Be aware that these shipping companies are run by their own policies and procedures, which are completely out of our control.

If a driver will not let you to inspect individual items, conduct a close visual inspection of the exterior of each shipping container. Note any discrepancies on the bill of lading or receipt. It’s important to take your time. Once your John Hancock is in place, you accept legal ownership over those packages.

If you discover shipping-related damage AFTER you’ve signed for your shipment, our hands will be tied. That property is now yours, so without proper notation, we CANNOT file a claim with the freight carrier on your behalf. You will have to file a claim yourself – within (24) hours of the shipment’s arrival – and that’s no fun!

We will ship to the address you provide on your order.  If after the shipment ships you need to change the address to a different address you will be responsible for any applicable reconsignment fees the shipping company charges.

Freight Shipment Checklist:

Use our handy “Freight Shipment Checklist” when receiving Motor Freight/LTL shipments:

√  Inspect ALL items and packages for damage

√  Note ANY discrepancies on the bill of lading or receipt

√  Once you have made necessary notations, sign for your items

√  Contact our Customer Service team IMMEDIATELY to report the damage

√  Send us related images by e-mail (to support your claim and aid quality control efforts)


If your package arrives via FedEx Ground or UPS please take pictures of the package and contact one of our customer service representatives. They will be able to assist you with our damage claim process.

If your order arrived by crate, please note damage on the Proof of Delivery form. Do not destroy the crate or pallet. Upon inspection of the contents if you notice damage please take photos and contact one of our customer service representatives. In most case’s slight damage can easily be repaired with materials we will send to you.

If damage to the crate is severe you have the option of immediately refusing delivery of your order or to inspect the contents before accepting. Either way, we would ask that you note the damage on the Proof of Delivery form. Failing to note damage will hinder our ability to file a damage claim on your behalf.

As long as you made note of their condition when signing for them. Log Furniture Place will repair or replace damaged goods at no cost to you. Typically, we will quickly ship out replacement parts or products. If you prefer to return your items rather than have them replaced, refer to our standard Return Policy.  Please note that normal product checking is not considered damage.  

If, by chance, one of your amazing rustic pieces from us arrives damaged and you would like to keep the damaged product while waiting on the new piece of rustic furniture to arrive - you are definitely welcome to do so.  Once the new replacement piece/s arrive you will have 7 business days to have the damaged/original product ready to be picked up.  If it is not ready to be picked up in that time we will charge for the replacement piece.


Rustic furniture is beloved for its imperfections. Burrs, knots, holes and checks are common and add charm to the wood furniture we handcraft, manufacture and sell. These characteristics are ingrained. Such merchandise is NOT recognized as “defective” or “damaged” and is not eligible for replacement.

Checking can range from slight slivers to cracks which run the full length of a log and/or run deep within it. Burrs, knots, holes and checking (as we have described it here) is completely normal and in no way affects the integrity of the wood we use or the durability of our fine rustic furniture.  Returns will not be accepted for normal checking in rustic furniture.

The liquid glass finish itself does not have a warranty

Our products are covered by a warranty, each item will list it's warranty information under the product details.  For custom made to order items or miscellaneous custom items they will have a 1 year warranty.


Any disputes will be settled and governed by Michigan Law.

Have questions about Delivery, Damages, Defects or Disputes? Call (866) 329-9060.

Privacy Policy

We hate solicitor calls, junk mail, and spam e-mail. We like having conversations and doing business with real people – like you. In an effort to protect your privacy, we ensure that the information you provide us with is never sold, bartered, traded or shared with anyone. It’s safe here with us, at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place.

Our goal is to help you understand the numerous steps we take to safeguard your security. We also want to help you protect yourself. The tips and information which follow were designed to increase your confidence in Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place practices and help you enjoy your online shopping experience even more.

How We Use Information You Give Us:

√  To process your orders and inquiries

√  To track the status/delivery of your order(s)

√  To respond to communication you initiate with us

√  To answer questions you have about past purchases

√  To provide you with the best customer service possible

We won’t share your name, billing address, e-mail address, phone number or shoe size with any other organization – for any reason. In fact, we go to great lengths to make your shopping experience with us as secure as possible. We treat you the way we want to be treated. After all, that’s just good manners!

Have questions about our Privacy Policy? Call (866) 329-9060.


We will never sell, barter, trade, share (or give away) any identifying information about you or your order history with anyone outside of Log Furniture Place. Yes, at times we need to share your information with our subsidiaries, freight carriers and payment brokers – to process your order(s).

If you choose to opt-in to our mailings, you can receive promotional announcements, contest alerts, product updates and other information we think you’ll find interesting. And not “spam” interesting, either, but legitimately interesting. Feel free to opt-out at any time by contacting Customer Service.


One of our highest priorities is to provide you with a safe, secure and enjoyable online experience. We dedicate a great deal of time and effort to ensuring that your personal information and right to privacy are both protected. One way we protect and preserve your privacy is by utilizing SSL technology.

Secure Sockets Layer technology is a web-security protocol which helps safely transfer information from your computer to our servers by encrypting it with a 128-digit key code. Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place SSL certificate can only be used by Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place. To check the validity of our certificate, simply click on our site’s SSL icon.


Our SSL certificate protects your safety while you shop at Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place. But, there’s more to internet safety than that. Using an SSL-capable (or security-enabled) browser is a great way to protect your safety even further. Examples include but are not limited to; Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.

When using security-enabled browsers, pay attention to their built-in safety features. Most of today’s popular SSL-capable web browsers display symbols, send you alerts or display pop-up notifications anytime the follow activity occurs or is likely to occur:

  • Your browser is toggling between secure and non-secure modes – If you’re just surfing the web, secure mode can be turned “off”, but when you’re entering personal information like credit card numbers the secure mode should be turned “on”
  • Your browser detected invalid site identification or SSL certificate credentials – Do not proceed with an order if you do not have a secure connection; verify that the “check out” area of the website URL begins with https:// (s = “secure”) and look for a padlock or other symbol which indicates that your transmission and connection are both secure

Additionally, unlike the information you share with Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place online, e-mails are NOT automatically encrypted and are NOT considered a secure means of transferring delicate information such as credit card numbers. Refrain from sending this type of information, by e-mail, to anyone at any time.

Do you still have questions about safety and security? Are you hesitant to place an order online? If you prefer to place your order by phone, call us! A Woodland Creek’s Log Furniture Place team member will be happy to assist you between 8am and 5pm (EST) M-F or on any non-holiday weekend at (866) 329-9060.


Cookies are delicious when they’re hot and fresh right out of the oven – especially if they’re crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside! But, that’s not the kind of cookie we’re talking about here. When you visit our website an internet cookie, web cookie or browser cookie is created by your web browser.

That cookie is then used to store your shopping cart contents and other information you’ve shared with us during your browsing session. It cannot be read by other websites and is specific to your experience with us. Internet cookies also have an expiration date and are deleted automatically once they expire. 

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