Rustic Desks

Rustic Desks

Whether you work from home or are a student, you’re likely to spend a lot of time at your desk, so your workspace should embody the style and functionality you want without sacrificing convenience and comfort.

Part of that style is having a rustic desk that ties your whole room together, whether that means a large, funky aspen desk or a more compact cedar writing desk. No matter what you choose, the best one will bring your home’s décor and your work style together in perfect harmony.

Our selection of high-quality wooden desks embodies the country look and feel with natural components and careful craftsmanship to create your perfect workspace.

Types of Rustic Desks

Every desk is built for a specific purpose, and its style should reflect that. The best desks find a way to blend individual design aesthetic with the overall composition of the room while providing a functional work or recreational space.

There are four primary desk categories, including writing, modern, and two different office varieties.

Rustic Office Desk

The size and features you get in an office desk will depend on your needs. Clerical workers benefit from having multiple spacious drawers to store and file paperwork. However, someone who needs a cozy and minimalistic surface to write or use a laptop might not want any fancy features.

The Hidden Lake Log Executive Desk is a classic. The wooden furniture is made almost entirely with white pine and accents of white cedar and birch drawers. It has an understated coloration, and its efficient design makes it adaptable to any rustic-inspired environment. 

It's easy to fall in love with the Aspen Mountain Funky Legged Desk with Hutchtop. The desk's legs and edges feature exposed natural wood with a 50-inch writing top. It also has a hutch for storing supplies—perfect for decorations to show off your personality.

Rustic Wood Writing Desk

The key to a writing desk is to inspire you to start working on your report, essay, or the next great American novel. That's why our rustic wood writing desks have an ergonomic design that fits with the rest of the room while their creative designs stand out.

There is no standard rustic wood writing desk. Each one varies in size, shape, style, finish, material, and color. You may opt for anything from a sleek modern work surface to a natural desk that still has tree bark along the exterior.

The Montana Pine Laptop Writing Desk incorporates all of these features. The desk has a sleek and intuitive surface, along with exquisitely worn and weathered legs. The pine has a smattering of exposed and coated surfaces that imbue it with rustic charm.

The Montana Pine Laptop Writing Desk is 48" x 24" x 31", making it small enough to use as a side table and large enough to be a primary desk. You decide how to maximize its available space.

Modern Rustic Desk

Rustic furniture is about capturing a simple and rural style. It embodies a piece of classic Americana that represents the beauty of nature. While the pastoral movement strays away from the fluorescent glow and sharp corners of the modern aesthetic, it still provides a functional and productive work environment.

The modern rustic desk takes the best of both worlds. These desks draw inspiration from the features and structure of modern counterparts while incorporating woodsy hints from the countryside. The result is a unique desktop that offers undeniable practicality.

The Rocky Creek Rustic Reclaimed 2 Drawer Writer's Desk captures country appeal with a modern flair. Each edge and corner comes meticulously crafted for a sharp look that works with almost any interior design. The desk uses reclaimed wood from old barns and other sources that no longer need it for a 100 percent natural texture.

Not only is this desk environmentally sustainable, but it's a testament to the history of Americana. You can store office supplies or use your laptop on a surface with a rich story behind it. The barns that provide the wood are more than a century old and feature distinct weathering for a highly individualistic character.

Wood Office Desk

Every office desk in our inventory is made of wood. Most of the products feature a standard character or extra character aspen, known for its sturdiness and durability. Other options include cedar, hickory, pine, barn wood, and reclaimed wood.

The advantages of wooden furniture and especially wooden desks are undeniable. The material is resilient to everyday wear and requires minimal maintenance. When you purchase a wooden office desk, you'll know it will last, so you can pass it down through generations when you give it the proper care.

Additionally, the desk is a decorative staple. On the one hand, it exudes the charm and beauty reminiscent of the pastoral countryside. That aesthetic can take on new meaning with sanding and staining that will give your new desk a fresh look without sacrificing the rustic style.

While a desk made of wood is one thing, our catalog also includes unstrapped pieces. The Real Hickory 2 Drawer Writing Desk has legs and supports that still have their original bark for an authentically rustic appearance. The heirloom-quality desk comes with honey, clear, and vintage whiskey finishes to protect and beautify your desk. 

Shape and Size of Rustic Desks

A rustic office desk should not only compliment the ambiance of the room but also fit within the existing spacial dimensions. The inventory features a wide range of desks that suit every area from the corner office to the bedside. Sagacious shoppers can also find rustic chairs for the perfect pairing of design and comfort.

Small Rustic Desk

A rustic wood desk doesn't have to be the visual centerpiece of a room. Many households can benefit from a more compact, yet highly functional small rustic desk. These desks give you a space-saving surface that serves as a visual complement to the rest of your home's interior. 

The Aspen Mountain Funky Legged Desk is the perfect example of a compact but practical desk. The desk measures 50" x 28" x 30" and is handcrafted with hand-peeled logs and rubbed with beeswax and linseed oil. Its adroit craftsmanship and gnarly appearance make it easy to find space for in your home, whether you place it along the bedside, in the hallway, or in your living room.

Compact offices benefit from the tidy, professional, and private functionality that comes with these solid wood writing desks. The Cedar Lake Solid Wood Log Writing Desk is among the sturdiest small rustic desks. It comes with a clear, vintage whiskey, or honey pine finish—or you can choose no finish for a natural look.

Rustic Corner Desk

A corner desk is a statement. It is a reflection of style—both when it comes to how you work and how you express yourself in your home. You should have a product you can take pride in, and that motivates you to spend all those hours in the seat with it.

The best executive desks blend rustic charm with purpose. That includes hand-peeled wood with endless decorative knots in the body. Meanwhile, the log desk has a range of drawers and compartments that provide more than enough space for office supplies, keyboards, and paperwork.

The Beaver Creek Aspen Rustic Executive "L" Desk delivers on every one of these features. Backed with a lifetime warranty, the aspen wood offers comfort with the durability to help you tackle any project. Plus, it's highly customizable. Create a personalized version by changing the drawer and tray appearance and choose from two desktop styles and four finishes.

While the Beaver Creek Aspen Rustic Executive "L" Desk works well in the center of the room, the Aspen Mountain L Shaped 7 Drawer Log Desk fits better in the corner. The expansive surface provides ample working room while the seven drawers and under-the-desk tray offer surplus storage. The material even comes from handpicked logs to ensure an unmistakably rustic personality. 

Large Rustic Desk

Sturdiness is a prerequisite for any high-quality large rustic desk. Hardwood provides a practical solution that is as durable as it is affordable. Woods like aspen or cedar are significantly more reliable over the years than similar desks with plastic parts.

Do you need a large rustic desk that works whether you are at the office, school, or home? The Cedar Lake Solid Wood Log Executive Desk is exceptionally versatile while providing six spacious drawers and a pullout tray. Plus, at 30 inches high, it offers enough legroom to ensure a comfortable fit and ergonomic usability for people of all sizes. 

If you want a vintage flair, it will be challenging to outdo the beauty and accents of the Glacier Country Computer Desk. Carpenters build each model by hand with lodgepoles featuring pine accents for a touch of natural inspiration. The 63-inch surface also ensures this one-of-a-kind desk comes with enough desktop room and storage containers for any project.

Rustic Desk Materials

The rustic aesthetic is about capturing the essence of the outdoors and re-contextualizing it for the indoor experience. When it comes to materials, the emphasis is on using building supplies that consumers would find in a country setting. The desks are made almost exclusively of wood with variations running from bark-covered legs to polished desk surfaces.

Wood Types

Rustic wooden desks are prized for their beauty and grain. The right materials provide a work surface that not only looks natural and beautiful but is durable and functional. There are six primary wood types. 

  • Aspen – Aspen is soft, yet sturdy and comes with a sleek, smooth grain. Aspen suffers minimal bending or shrinkage and has moderate shock resistance. The light complexion makes it an ideal choice for a vibrant splash of color in a rustic environment.
  • Barn wood – No wood on this list is more rustic than barn wood. The material comes recycled barns and is a trendy and sustainable option for flooring and furniture. The structurally sound wood comes in every shade of brown and sports nuanced textures and a one-of-a-kind grain.
  • Cedar – Versatility and durability are the hallmarks of cedar. Western red cedar is an excellent building material that holds a variety of stains, colors, and finishes. While the wood also has several textures and grades, it is one of the longer-lasting lumbers. 
  • Hickory – Few kinds of wood come with the heft of hickory. While it can be challenging to manufacture and maneuver, this wood provides top-of-the-line durability. The material is excellent when it comes to resisting bending and shock, which is why many people use it for tool handles, cabinetry, flooring, and ladders, in addition to desks.
  • Pine – The inexpensive and lightweight pine also happens to be tremendously popular. The yellowish complexion with dark brown knots makes it an ideal complementary piece of rustic style. While pine is cheap, it is also relatively soft, which makes it prone to scratches, chips, and dents.
  • Walnut – Despite being robust material, walnut is one of the most popular building woods. It is easy to work with, whether manufacturers need to screw, nail, cut, glue, paint, stain, or polish it. Walnut comes in shades from light creamy brown to rich chocolate and provides middle-tier dimensional stability.

Wood Finishes

A wood finish protects a desk from scratches, dents, pests, and water damage. This protective layer transforms the look and feel of the desk with a rich glossy coating. There are six main types of finishes you'll find on rustic wood desks.

  • Clear – Let the natural color of the wood shine through with a clear finish. The solvent provides a protective coating that preserves the rustic wood desk without changing its signature color. The straightforward application and look make it one of the most frequently used finishes.
  • Early American – Preserve the heritage and authenticity of a piece with an Early American finish. This final layer ensures the timber evokes images of the American frontier. Plus, the finish is moisture and wear-resistant, so owners don't have to worry about potential damage.
  • Honey – A touch of honey is all a desk needs for a deep, rich finish. The classic color leans toward a golden brown hue. Honey finishes are ideal for lighter woods that could use more depth or weight to their appearance.
  • Natural wood – Not every desk needs a finishing layer. Some consumers prefer the natural feel of genuine wood without the addition of a solvent. While these desks provide unparalleled rustic charm, they are more susceptible to scratches and chips.
  • Stained and lacquered – Wood stains alter the color of the material depending on the desired color. Most wood stains are suited for dark surfaces as they increase grain visibility. Lacquers are thin solvent-based finishes that provide a glossy sheen to the final product.
  • Vintage whiskey – Dark finishes leave a striking impression on hardwood desks. The material is excellent at absorbing sunlight rather than reflecting it, so it is less prone to fade. Plus, a vintage whiskey finish hides spots and grime on the log desk.

No matter what rustic wood desk you're looking for, our catalog has everything you could want. Browse our styles and find the right one for your unique rustic home.